My Friend: MEG

Meg Hyeronimus.

 Dear friend. Golden. Joyous. Absolute goof. Open heart. Sweaty palms. Truly Heavenly. A source for my own artistic inspiration. Makes my creative soul sing.


What do you get called other than your name?
ME: Megara, FiFi, Baben, Medigliana, Bubbles, Megah, Meggle, Bubba, Pegs.

What’s your favourite Billy Joel song?
ME: Oh my god! “Don’t Ask Me Why”! It reminds me of being in the car with my Mum and driving and she loves that song too and it’s just got such a chirpy beat. And “Don’t Ask Me Why” … I think that’s just a cool little statement!

As a child, what were you really good at?
ME: Everything. HA! Well no, every activity that I sort of tried I could kind of do. I would probably say dancing, but I didn’t know it. I had no idea that I could do it, I just did it, you know? And school. I was quite smart.

What are you really good at now?
ME: Ah…..

*At this point we are interrupted by a waitress, and Meg looks relieved. She asks for more water and pretends I hadn’t asked this question. For the record, she is a wonderfully talented dancer, performer, comedian and creative life-force.


What is your relationship with fear?
ME: It’s like my master, but I am slowly building a better relationship with it I think. Kind of like what you said this morning actually about personalising it and seeing it as a separate entity and seeing it as more of a friend. I don’t ever want to lose my fear because it is so much of who I am, in a really healthy way. I do want to contain it when I need to though.

MA: And have an open dialogue with it and understand when it’s protecting you and when it’s hindering you. 

ME: Yes, and it’s quietened down a lot!

What do you think of when you think of sorrow?
ME: I don’t know why this has come to my head but Sister Act 2 when Lauryn Hill and the other girl sing “His Eye Is On The Sparrow” in the church and on the piano, that is just what very first came to my head!

What’s your favourite season?
ME: Maybe actually Autumn. Like now when it gets a bit cooler but it’s still warm enough. Or maybe just Summer. I don’t know. It’s different every year. Maybe Autumn.  

What never fails to make you laugh?
ME: “Will and Grace”. 


What would you call your autobiography?
ME: “MEG-oirs”. I’ve already started. Like “memoirs” but “MEG-oirs”.

Who you you look up to?
ME: You.

MA: Stop it.

ME: No, I do. And Jill Brown, and Lucia. Whenever I’m around you all I just want to be a better person and I want to know everything there is to know about you all. Then there are people like Tyler the Creator because he is just an entrepreneur, he does everything and he is so tough but then he is just so vulnerable and just cool and human. I really like him.

What is your favourite poem or type of poetry?
ME: I love Rupi Kaur. The simplicity of her work. It is so visceral. It is just exact for me. Very evocative. 

How do you practice gratitude?
ME: Before I go to bed, and in my journal A LOT. If you were to read my personal journal it would just be “thank you” like a thousand times “thank you”. I get so overwhelmed by how lucky I am that I just want to cry and I always ask “Why am I so lucky? What did I do to deserve this life and the opportunities that are given to me? How did I get the family and the friends I have?”. I practice gratitude a lot when I am overwhelmed with fear or anxiety. Every time I meditate I practice gratitude. 


What are your best qualities?
ME: I have a pretty good personality. I can have fun. I like how spiritual I am. I’m very curious and always wanting more. 

What do you need to work on?
ME: Being a better friend – to everyone. I’m finding that I’m not as compassionate as I always thought I was. I’m trying to figure out if that’s just because I don’t have time for bullshit anymore or if I need to work on connecting with my compassion again. 

In what ways do you hold yourself back?
ME: My self worth. Often not thinking I’m good enough for things, even though in my mind and soul I know I’m worth it but the thought that other people don’t think I’m worth it. So I guess I hold myself back by worrying too much about the perception others have of me. 

Tell me a bit about our relationship from your perspective.
ME: I really admire you, and I look to you for advice and as a role model, so in some regards I place myself as your sidekick. I love that you just get me. We have this thing where I don’t actually need to explain myself or justify myself at all. We are really intuitive with each other. You have this thing where you can just see through and I never feel like I have to pretend. I don’t get that with many people, if any. 

MA: You inspire me to be more creative.

ME: Are you kidding? That makes me teary!

MA: You just get it and I love exploring and learning together.

ME: Yep! I feel like we’re on the same wavelength. 

MA: And I am always SO excited to see you. 

ME: Oh my god, yes. I will never get sick of your energy and what you bring. I have so much time for you.


Do you have a favourite word?
ME: Maybe “Hunniii” or “Sis” – they’re just funny words I love to call people.

Outline your morning routine.
ME: I do the same thing every day but it’s not very glamorous. Get up. Drink water. Go to the toilet. Go make breakfast. Eat breakfast in my room even though I don’t want to eat in my room. Probably scroll Instagram even though I don’t to scroll Instagram. Get dressed. Wash my face. Clean my teeth. Don’t do my hair. Scramble out the door. I might listen to a podcast or meditate on the train. 

How does it feel to be photographed?
ME: Ah…Ah… I just get so self conscious. I’m scared of what the camera will pick up. Although, I want to get photos of myself. I romanticise that idea. I try so hard to be candid!

What does cozy mean to you?
ME: When I’ve been really upset and I walk out into the lounge-room and I’ll say to Mum “Can I have a hug?” and I lay on her chest and she just cuddles me and she engulfs me. I just lay into her lap and it just feels suffocatingly good.

What is something you wish you could do?
ME: Be confident within my body, to use it, and to not be afraid of that.

What does a happy heart look like?
ME: A seed growing. 



Find Meg on Instagram at megarabosch



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