Your View

I was feeling homesick for a place I’m not sure I’m even allowed to call home yet. I messaged Naomi and Campbell, pleading that they send me a glimpse of something – anything – whatever was directly in front of them. I was inspired by the images they sent back.

“7.58am M Train to Manhattan”
“It may not be much, but it’s Manhattan!”

These images and their supporting text moved me, so I asked a few more friends to capture what was in front of them – whatever their view was the second they received my message. Here is what I received back.


I’m impressed by my trusting friends, and I’m impressed by these photographs. Each of these images are a juicy portion of a story. This is what’s in front of us right now. This is what we’re tackling. This is what we’re enjoying. This is what we are doing. This is what we are living. These are all works of art.

Off we go, one frame at a time.



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