I have been influenced by and drawn to powerful, magnetic, enigmatic, brilliant, soft, passionate, warm, intelligent and impacting women for as long as I can possibly remember. “WISE WORDS” is a reactionary project to the imprint these women have made on my life, and an attempt to share just exactly how special they are. 

I ask questions. They write their answer. I throw the questions away. These are the answers to whatever you need the question to be. They are stand alone pieces of profound wisdom, unintentional advice, and proof of a life lived . 

For my first segment of “WISE WORDS” I sat down with Elizabeth. Elizabeth is a customer at a cafe I used to work in. I was drawn to Elizabeth from the first day I met her when she asked me my name, promptly followed by what my star-sign is. She exudes effortless grace but strongly claims her space like an immovable willow (and we all know how much I love a human contradiction). I am proud to have known her. I am grateful to have felt her impact. 


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