My Friend: EMILY

Emily Buxton

Complete sunshine. A protector of others. A smile you can’t miss. Endless supply of happiness. Contagious. Cheekbones galore. White Chocolate. 


Are you currently working on any projects?
EM: I don’t know if you saw the little rant I wrote online, but I want to and I’m trying to just do anything that’s creative and actually find the time to myself to be able to get out and do things. It’s hard at the moment. I’m getting back into warming-up every day and learning monologues. 

What are you excited for?
EM: I’m excited to leave. I’m excited for Japan. And LA. I want the opportunity to leave and to push myself. To be honest I feel like in order to get back into what I’m passionate about I need to push myself to the next stage because it’s all a bit stagnant for me here at the moment.  

What never fails to make you smile?
EM: That’s a long list. Definitely my friends. Music. Photography. Looking at photos and taking them. 

Advice you live by?
EM: Try to at the very least! There are two things. “If you never ask, the answer is always no” and the concept of “your life is for you, ultimately you’re the only person that knows you in this world, so it doesn’t really matter what everyone else thinks because it’s just you in the end”. They help me get through things. 

Sunrise or sunset?
EM: Both. Really, absolutely, both. 

Star gazing or cloud watching?
EM: Star gazing hands down.

What sort of change do you want to make in the world?
EM: Oddly enough, I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently. It’s definitely that I want to help people hurt less. I want to help people to think more and I want to express kindness and compassion. Essentially I want people to be less vapid. Help them to be conscious and engaged. To help people to live their lives so that they don’t have to fight. 

Drink of choice?
EM: Tea.

What are you scared of?
EM: I’m scared of not being happy and of failing. That pretty much sums it up.

What makes you feel like a badass?
EM: Going “fuck it”, saying “fuck it” and just doing whatever it is I’m normally too self conscious to do. 

What can’t be joked about?
EM: Racism and inequality.

Talk about acting school.
EM: Whenever I think of acting school I think of graffiti and I think of home. I think it’s honestly been the best place for me and I’ve met people that have change my life. I’ve done things and learnt things that have changed my life and made me a better person. I honestly think everyone needs to go to acting school. It’s the best thing anyone can do for their existence. 

Favourite feature of yours?
EM: My eyes. 

Favourite quality of yours?
EM: My passion. My love.

What frustrates you?
EM: Uh! People that complain and do nothing. People who are insensitive and unaware of their surroundings. People who are unappreciative. People without goals. 

What’s something you deserve?
EM: At this point in time, in this exact moment, I deserve to be completely happy within myself. 

What are you currently watching?
EM: “How To Get Away With Murder”

What are you currently reading?
EM: “Memoirs of a Geisha”


What do you enjoy listening to?
EM: Most things. I’m into a lot of Australian music at the moment. Essentially indie mixtapes on Spotify. And John Mayer’s new album! 

What sounds overwhelm you?
EM: A lot of trucks and construction.

How do you describe inspiration?
EM: Inspiration to me is magic. All I see that sequence in every movie where something magical is happening and there are little sparks of light everywhere. To me that’s what inspiration looks like. Everything seems brighter and the energy in the air is charged.

What inspires you?
EM: People, nature, and art.

What motivates you?
EM: When I see people doing what they’re passionate about and what they love and talking to people about what they’re doing or achieving.


Talk about a woman you love.
EM: Impossible to narrow down. 

MA: Or women you love. 

EM: A woman that encapsulates my love the most would be my Aunty. My Aunty, Aunty Kerry. We are so similar. I just love how she is so much of a fighter and she is so strong and courageous, and just fucking hilarious. She does things for love. Absolutely for love. When I hit the point in my life when I realised I wasn’t practicing self-care, I looked to her and saw that she was doing what she needs to do to take care of everyone around her, but most importantly herself. That inspires me. She knows who she is and she knows what she needs and it’s just amazing. 

What’s your star-sign?
EM: Aquarius.

What is your opinion on the zodiac?
EM: I love it. It makes sense to me. I want to understand it more.  

Is it better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all?
EM: Absolutely. At least then you got to love, and at least you feel things. 

What images come up when I mention loss?
EM: Graves and a lot of grey. Sad faces in a crowd. Places I’ve never been that look foreign. 

Tell me about crying.
EM: The best fucking thing on this earth. I’m the only person at my work that likes to slice onions in the morning because I get excited to cry. It cleanses me for the day. I’m more awake, I’m more alert, let’s do this, I’m ready to go.


Who do you trust?
EM: My family. My close friends. I could count on one hand.

How do you live in the moment?
EM: Go into nature or sensory exercises. Otherwise it’s being with people.

How do you give love?
EM: By annoying people with my presence. Physical affection. Telling people I love them.

What’s your favourite city?
EM: Adelaide is home. Sydney is my life. New York is my imagine place. 

What’s a lesson you learnt the hard way?
EM: Ugh. To not be okay is okay and you will for sure get through the hard times. I’m just now starting to be comfortable with saying “I don’t know how you’re going to help me but I’m not okay at the moment and I need help”. 

MA: Is it hard for you to ask others for help?

EM: Yes, it is. I never thought it was but it absolutely is. I never realised until recently that I’m one of the proudest people I know. I feel like I have to appear like I have everything together. I never want to be the whiney person that is constantly reaching out and draining others. I’m learning that it’s okay to be that person when you really need help. 


Find Emily on Instagram at emilybux







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